Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have you seen Whip It?

Welcome friends!
I've been loving derby so much that I wanted to talk about it. Also, I like the idea of a fitness journal/blog that makes me feel a little bit accountable (inspired by Chelsea). This blog will chronical my obersvations on becoming a derby girl. Thus, what follows is the begining of my journey.

Utah: summer of 2007. A friend of a customer of a friend played for the Salt City girls. I went to a bout on a whim and loved it. Since there was no league in my county, and I couldn't roller skate I remained a spectater.

Arizona: summer of 2011. An avid fan, date night would often be at the Castle watching local bouts. One late night Internet surf turned into this inner dialogue:
"You really can't try out for a league, you can't even skate. You don't even own skates. Or know how to own skates. Do you have to be mean to be a derby girl? I don't even have a tattoo. I think I'm mean though right? I have road rage... ok craigslist if there's a pair of skates on you I'm taking that as a sign" and there was.

I bought the skates an practiced (and by "practiced" I mean "skated in circles") in the parking lot of my apartment complex. Practiced, like an awesome loser who was slow, fell a lot and went out at night so no one would see me. At tryouts I was slow, fell a lot, expect everyone saw me. On my application I used every sales skill I had to make myself seem like a more desiralbe league member. Bakesales? Everyday. Felxable schedule? Wide open. Medical history? Dream come true.
I made the cut and cried I was so happy. Some how this proved that I actually could "put on skates and be [my] own hero".

Getting ready for practice Sep '11